CU4CU Birds & Birdhouses Templates (PSD & TIFF)

Birds & Birdhouses PSD & TIFF templates. Create your own clipart in any color & size!

bird and birdhouse clipart templates

bird and birdhouse clipart templates

Birds and Birdhouses templates (PSD & TIFF) are made with vector SHAPES, which means that you can make them larger (any size) and they won’t get blurry or have jagged edges. Use with any graphics app that will open PSD or TIFF files. Change colors, change sizes, add/remove or change any pieces you want.

Generous CU4CU license allows you to create new clipart / embellishments to re-sell with your own CU license (you must change my original graphics in some way – you can’t resell them as they are).

Commercial Use OK as long as you are a single owner business or individual crafter. Print as many copies as you need and sell what you make for commercial or personal use. You can sell digital creations for commercial or personal use, but you must make something new with them – you can’t sell the digital files as is. Simply changing the file format (ie: from PSD to SVG) is NOT permitted. You must create something new, adding your own work or changing my original graphics in some way. (Simply re-coloring and selling or sharing is NOT allowed.)