Peach Hot Air Balloons Clipart – CU4CU

Set of 20 PNG clipart for making your own cards, printables & more!

Sweet and simple hot air balloon clipart in a variety of patterns alternating with peach solid sections, with and without contrasting orange bunting. You’ll receive 20 large clipart files in PNG format, each is approximately 9 inches wide and almost 12 inches high (shrink them down to fit your needs). Perfect for scrapbooks, collage sheets, jewelry, card making, tags, party printables, planner printables, planner stickers and more!

OK for small commercial use (this means a small business with a single owner, or an individual crafter). It is not necessary to credit me. No additional license* is required (see below if you are not single owner business or individual crafter).

You may use my designs for, scrapbooking, printables, invitations, banners, websites, logos, blogs, card making, planner packs and stickers, etc.

You can print as many copies as you wish, and sell the prints. You may create an unlimited number of physical products to sell using these files, such as t-shirts, mugs, totes and more, but you may NOT upload my designs to print on demand sites, platforms, apps or kiosks.

DO NOT sell or share my designs in any format. You cannot simply convert them to a new file format and sell them (for example you cannot take one of my PNG files and convert it to SVG and sell it). You must use my design(s) to make something new and then you can sell the new digital files (in a flattened format only).

*If you are not an individual crafter or small business with a single owner, please contact me for specific licensing information.