Watercolor Wreath & Alphas (Pink – Orange) CU

Pink & orange watercolor PNG alpha set with matching wreath. Letters approx 3.25 inches high.

Pretty 300 ppi PNG clipart set features watercolor letters (upper case only) in shades of pink and orange with a lovely floral watercolor wreath in matching colors and leaves in various shades of green and blue-green. Each letter comes in its own separate PNG file (wreath is in a separate PNG file as well).

Perfect for printables, cards, invitations, framed art for baby or child’s bedroom, etc.¬†Letters are approximately 3.25 inches high. Wreath is approximately 7 x 7.4 inches.

monogram wreath mockup pink and orange
Idea for framed art you can make using this set.

Available in more colors:
Orange & Yellow
Purple & Pink
Blue & Purple