Watercolor Wreath & Alphas (Purple – Pink) CU

Purple & pink watercolor PNG alpha set with matching wreath. Letters approx 3.25 inches high.

Watercolor Wreath & Alphas Set (Purple & Pink) CU

Watercolor Wreath & Alphas Set (Purple & Pink) CU

Pretty 300 ppi PNG clipart set features watercolor letters (upper case only) in shades of purple and blue with a lovely floral watercolor wreath in matching colors and leaves in various shades of green and blue-green. Each letter comes in its own separate PNG file (wreath is in a separate PNG file as well).

Perfect for printables, cards, invitations, framed art for baby or child’s bedroom, etc.¬†Letters are approximately 3.25 inches high. Wreath is approximately 7 x 7.4 inches.

monogram wreath mockup
Idea for framed art you can make using this set.

Available in more colors:
Pink & Orange
Orange & Yellow
Blue & Purple