How to Download our Freebies

(scroll down for written instructions & screen shots)

  1. Click on the “Free – Add to Cart” button below the freebie you want.
  2. The button will change to say “Checkout”. Click it.
  3. It will show your checkout page. Already have an account? login
  4. No account yet? Create one by entering your email, name, and password into the fields (yes, you have to enter them twice). Click “I agree to Terms of Purchase” and click “Please Register” button
  5. It will take you to a page that has a .zip file (underlined) at the bottom of the page. Click the .zip file. It will ask you to save it on your computer.
  6. If you get a blank screen when you click the download link, check your email. We always send you a copy of the link. Right click the link and then “save as”.
  7. Choose where you want to save the zip file and click “Save”.
  8. To open a .zip file you can right click it to extract. Then open the folder with the extracted files. You will see your files plus a TOU (terms of use) file and a preview of what is included in your download.
  9. For instructions on printing, please read the TOU file that is included with your download. If you have questions or problems you can send us an email: